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Mountain trip logger GOLD

Développeur keiziweb
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Mountain trip logger is a GPS logger which is a favorable reception by power saving and easy operation.This can be used in outside of radio waves because use only GPS.※Former name: Yamatabi logger GOLD=====-Change the external SD folder because Android 4.4 restrict writing to SD card for the applications.Procedure(1) Please use "Menu"-"Preference"-"Saving location"-"SD copy for 4.4", this is the new feature in version 4.27.(2) Mountain trip logger works with new folder data.=====
-Show current walking distance at the notification bar-Display graphs of distance and speed and altitude (geoid corrected) and the pressure.-Show result data on Chizroid, MyTracks and Google Earth.-Export GPX/KML file-Simple edit function.(Linking the measurements you've divided. Removal of the extra section. Simplify)-Register to Google calendar-Upload to LatLongLab. (Please install "Mountain trip logger connect" If it does not work)-Walking for. For measurement interval is long, it is not suitable for use in high-speed movement, such as automobile
★A feature that is becoming available on GOLD(1) chizroid real time update.When you open in Chizroid map the log currently being measured, since then, the latest log will be automatically reflected in the screen of Chizroid.It is possible to remain open map Lloyd, to confirm the trajectory of movement.
(2) Measure mode: FineIt is a mode that allows measurement of one-second intervals in the shortest.Battery will consume the minute, but you can take the log of fineness comparable to MyTracks etc.
(3) Battery monitorTo record the battery level during the measurement, it is also possible to display remaining graph and time prediction of up to battery power.
(4) Arrival alarmTo register arrival alarm, you add the location to Chizroid bookmark, and please select "Set alarm".
(5) Create widget
(6) Import GPX file
(7) Bluetooth transferBluetooth transfer of result data to nearby smartphone or tablet.
(8) Mountain trip logger Smart2To use SmartWatch2 and Tasker/Llama plugin app "Mountain trip logger Smart2", Mountain trip logger GOLD is required.
★How to migrate GOLD data recorded in free versionYou can use the same data at free version and GOLD,If preference of "Use SD card" is on at free version, you should turn on "Use SD card" at GOLD.
If preference of "Use SD card" is off (default) at free version,You should turn on "Use SD card" at free version. And, recorded data will be copied to SD card.And, you should start GOLD and turn on "Use SD card".
If you can watch the data correctly in GOLD, please uninstall the free version.
If has exist both, there is a possibility that defects unexpected occurs.
Alternatively, you can also not how to use an SD card, use and cloud-based backup feature, a copy by Bluetooth.
Please look at the official site for more information.
[Description of permission to use]・precise location (GPS and network-based)Used in the current position by GPS acquisition.
・add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledgeUsed in registration to Google Calendar. Do only registration. Read and change, it does not do.
・modify or delete the contents of your USB storageUsed to read and store measurement data.
・modify system settingsUse with the switch to airplane mode.
・prevent device from sleepingIt is used to get the PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK the position when performing a search using GPS.
・run at startupWhen it had restarted terminal unexpectedly during the measurement used to restart the measurement is automatically.
・access extra location provider commandsIn the reset function with A-GPS update function, I use this.
・control vibrationI will ring the Vibe.
・view network connections/change network connectivity/view Wi-Fi connectionsUsed in the power saving function.